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Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handcraft and Agriculture is a public institution that supports and promotes the general interests of local firms. It represents a first stop shop for more than 90.000 firms in Brianza, with the highest density in Italy for wood-working and design entrepreneurs. The Chamber of commerce supports them in business development, from requirements connected to business Register to innovation, from internationalization to training. In particular, the Chamber of commerce supports wood-working and design production with dedicated initiatives.

Monza Brianza Chamber of Commerce


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HyperFair - Technology provider has developed a web platform for online tradeshows and events that is browser-based, 3D immersive and multiuser, based on a revolutionary technology considered unique on a global scale. Our 3D environment includes pavilions, booths and conference rooms, where attendees, with their avatars, can engage in conversations, exchange business cards, search for products, companies and people using our search engine and gather exhibitor materials interacting with exhibitors.

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Italian Furniture Design - The virtual fair on furniture, interior architecture and design from the Brianza manufacturing district. It offers business matching opportunities with qualified leads on a global scale.

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