Effective methods of preventing heat loss

HVAC systems are meant to add comfort and value to homes. They do this by warming the houses during the cold months. However, if these systems are not well maintained, the can considerably inflate your cost of energy bills. The following are some of the helpful recommendations which are effective in minimising heat loss from your domestic heating appliances.

Eliminating drafts

You should come up with effective ways of preventing the loss of warm air. Cold air should also be kept out. This will help you in lowering your energy bills. You can achieve this objective by excluding gaps under your doors and holes in your roof. There are different types of draft excluders which are used in eliminating drafts. These excluders are inexpensive, efficient and easy to install.

Checking the chimney

Many people are not aware of the inefficiency of the chimney when it comes to heating. Chimneys can severely hamper your energy saving efforts. This problem can be solved by investing in a quality chimney. The chimney should be installed by experts to make sure that warm air does not escape through the opening of the fireplace.

Investing in reflective radiators

This is a special type of a radiator which is effective in reflecting heat back into your room thereby preventing the loss of heat through the walls. A heater having a reflector is beneficial in preventing your HVAC system from running for an extended period because most of the air is confined within the rooms of your house. Just like with the chimney, heating reflectors should also be installed by an expert.

Using heavy drapes

These drapes are well designed to prevent the loss of warm air from your rooms when it is cold. In addition to that, these drapes are helpful in absorbing sunlight thereby making your rooms warm. Drapes are special types of curtains which are used in blocking out that seep through the small cracks. They are effective in moderating the indoor temperature. These curtains are designed in different sizes to suit the diverse preference and needs of customers.

Keeping the doors closed

Your doors should remain closed when your appliances are on. This is a great way of cutting down on your heating costs. Leaving the door open can strain your HVAC system. This will in turn force it to work more hard to keep your house warm.

Insulating your walls

Insulating the walls can minimize heat loss by nearly 30 %. It is, therefore, necessary to review the insulation of your home. Proper wall insulation can tremendously help you in reducing the energy cost. Even if most of the insulation materials are expensive, they can greatly help you in saving your heating cost in the long run.