Ultimate guide when purchasing the LED strip lights

Ultimate guide when purchasing the LED strip lights

The light emitting diodes have increasingly become the people’s favorite as far as the home lighting is concerned. The LEDs are far much better than the other types of lights because the can be programmed quickly, they do not produce much heat, the last longer, are efficient, and brighter. They also come in different packages that are resistant to shock and are durable. Strip lighting has become increasingly popular and affordable as far as home lighting is concerned. Let us look at the ultimate guide when purchasing the LED strip lights;

Ultimate guide



One of the things to look at when buying the LED strip is its length. The length of the strip is critical because it will tell you the amount of the LEDs in the strip. When you are buying the LEDs select the one that has the highest amount of light emitting diodes. The length of the LED will determine the light and heat that will be dissipated. Different types of LEDs have different lengths.

Strip brightness

The other thing to look at when you are buying the LED strip is its brightness. As the LED technology advances, the smaller diodes tend to become brighter. This means that the strips are not of the same brightness since there are some that are brighter than the others. When looking at the intensity of the LED strip ask about the lumens because this is the unit that used to measure the brightness of the LEDs. Depending on where you want to use the LEDs you may need to select a certain level of the lumens.

Strip colors

The LED strip lights come in different color range. Most of the LED linear strip are single colors which emit light only one light. They are cheaper and are also easy to install. There are available in yellow, blue, green, red, cool white, neutral white, and warm white. The RGP strips refer to the color changing strips. The RGP led lights can display light in different colors. They have a controller which they use in the changing of colors. This enables it to display a solid color or flashes of the different colors. You can buy an led light strip that changes color by clicking here.

Color temperature


The color temperature is the other thing to look at when purchasing the LED strip. The color temperature is what determines the different white colors that the light emitting diode produces. When buying the LEDs, the temperature is usually indicated as cool or warm.